Lova is enjoying his time in the U.S.  He has secured a job at Polk School District in the janitorial department.  He continues to take an english class at Georgia Northwestern Technical College to further his education and become fluent in english.  Lova's dream is to attend college and learn how to drive trucks.


Rodriguez (Rodigo) is thrilled to be able to be in the U.S. and has secured a job at Walmart stocking. He is continuing to work on becoming fluent in english. Rodigo has a passion for being creative in jewelry making.  

Sponsor Rodriguez

Rodriguez has been with the orphanage since we founded it in 2015.  He has been a wonderful volunteer and has helped with countless mission trips that we have made to Haiti. He has a heart of gold and is a very talented artist.  He makes all of our haitian jewelry that we offer on our website.

Sponsor Lova

Lova is the son of one of our long time staff members.  His mother has been with us since the beginning and Lova has grown to love Grace Children's Home and the children there.  He helps around the home with the children.  Lova wishes to help raise funds for the orphanage and possibly further his schooling while in the U.S.